Hoax - Living On The Brink Of Suicide
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Living On The Brink Of Suicide - Hoax from Demo [Cassette]

Massachusetts hardcore.  Pay attention to this state; Boston especially is just absolutely oozing with great new bands lately.  See: Fórn, Finisher, Proselyte, Razormaze, Lunglust, The Magic Circle.  

Living on the Brink of Suicide-HOAX 

after bartending my first 4th of july, i now know where terrorists are born.  in restaurants.

Bacchus - Parasite
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Parasite - Bacchus from Bacchus

badass Irish crusty-doom dudes.  I think they have a tumblr and hopefully won’t be upset that I posted this track…this shit rules though, cant help it.  It’s always good to hear good hardcore music outside of the united states (I might be partial).  Now let me direct you to their bandcamp and you can have it for yourself: